TalentHub (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the TalentHub FAQ section, where we aim to provide you with clear and comprehensive answers to your questions. Whether you're a client looking to streamline your tech talent acquisition process or a tech professional seeking exciting opportunities, our FAQ is designed to address your queries. Explore the topics below to find valuable insights about TalentHub, our platform, and how we can help you achieve your tech hiring and career goals.


What is TalentHub?

TalentHub is a premier global network that connects highly skilled professionals from Latin America with top-tier companies for remote work opportunities. Our mission is to connect global companies with exceptional technology talent from Latin America, providing flexible and scalable recruiting solutions, and supporting the professional growth and development of software developers. 

Why does TalentHub focus exclusively on remote work?

We believe that the future of work is not location-dependent. By focusing solely on remote opportunities, we provide access to the best talent regardless of their location, offer professionals the flexibility they need, and assist companies in reducing their operational costs.

For Clients

I'm a company looking to hire through TalentHub. How do I know I'm getting top-quality candidates?

TalentHub utilizes a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the top 10% of applicants are presented to our clients. This multi-step process includes skill assessments, interviews, and performance evaluations.


How does TalentHub vet the talents before introducing them to clients?

TalentHub implements a rigorous vetting process that includes skill assessments, portfolio reviews, interviews, and reference checks to ensure only top-tier professionals are admitted into our network.

What happens if the talent we hire does not meet expectations?

TalentHub encourages clients to reach out to us within the first two weeks if the professional’s performance does not meet expectations. We will assist in finding a replacement talent as swiftly as possible.

Is there a minimum contract period for hiring through TalentHub?

TalentHub’s contracts are traditionally annual in length (12 months) and automatically renew for one-month periods until terminated in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. We also accommodate shorter length engagements for 3 months+.

What are the fees for hiring through TalentHub?

Our fee structure is transparent and based on a percentage of the professional’s contract earnings. For more detailed information on fees, please get in touch with our sales team.

How does TalentHub ensure the confidentiality of our projects?

Professionals on TalentHub are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure the privacy and security of your projects are maintained at all times.

Can we directly employ a TalentHub professional if they are a good fit for our company?

TalentHub allows clients to convert contractors to full-time employees, subject to the terms of a conversion fee as outlined in our service agreement.

Do you offer any trial periods for talents hired through TalentHub?

Yes. At TalentHub, we believe in the importance of a good match between our clients and professionals, which is why we initiate every engagement with an optional trial period of one week. During this time, you have the opportunity to evaluate the working relationship and ensure the professional's output meets your expectations. If you are completely satisfied with the performance during the trial, we will proceed with billing for the time spent and you can continue the engagement for the desired duration.
In the event that you are not entirely satisfied within the trial period, you will not be billed for the time. We can then part ways with no further obligation, or if preferred, TalentHub can connect you with another qualified professional who may be a better fit for your project needs. We would then initiate a second trial period, again at no financial risk to you.

How does the payment process work with TalentHub?

You’ll receive a monthly invoice at the beginning of the month (or the first week of the month after you first hire talent). 

Are there any hidden costs when working with TalentHub?

No, TalentHub believes in transparency. All costs are clearly stated upfront, with no hidden fees. Any additional services or tools provided will be discussed and agreed upon before implementation.

How do we begin the process of hiring through TalentHub?

To start, simply sign up on our platform, post your project requirements, and you will immediately see a curated list of talent recommendations when you post a job.

Can TalentHub provide teams or just individual professionals?

TalentHub offers the flexibility of hiring individual professionals as well as assembling entire teams tailored to your project’s specific needs.

For Talent

Am I eligible to apply for a job on TalentHub?

TalentHub welcomes applications from skilled professionals from Latin America, provided they have a reliable internet connection and meet the job-specific qualifications. We adhere to U.S. regulations, which means we cannot engage with individuals from U.S. embargoed countries.

Why does TalentHub list salary information in job postings?

Transparency is key to our mission. By listing salaries upfront, we aim to provide clarity and fairness, ensuring that all candidates understand the value TalentHub places on their skills and experience.

Are the listed salaries competitive?

Absolutely. TalentHub is committed to offering compensation that not only matches but often exceeds market standards to attract the top 10% of Latin America talent.

Does TalentHub offer bonuses or other forms of additional compensation?

While TalentHub's model prioritizes fair and transparent pay, additional incentives or bonuses may be offered based on the specific policies of the hiring companies we partner with.

Why is an English language test required?

As our network includes professionals and companies from around the world, English serves as a common language for communication. The language test ensures that collaboration and productivity are not hindered by language barriers.

How does TalentHub’s recruitment process work?

Our recruitment process is designed to be fair and objective, using a combination of automated systems and blind assessments to minimize bias. However, we also value personal connections and ensure that candidates have the opportunity to engage directly with potential employers before any offer is extended.

What kind of assessments does TalentHub use?

TalentHub employs a range of assessments, including cognitive aptitude tests and skill-based evaluations, to ensure that we identify the most capable professionals for each role.

Can I retake an assessment if I don’t pass?

Candidates are allowed to retake the cognitive aptitude assessment once. For other assessments, we require a six-month period before a retake to ensure that individuals have ample time to develop their skills further.

Does TalentHub hire employees or independent contractors?

Talent engaged through TalentHub are hired as independent contractors, which provides them with the flexibility to work from anywhere and the responsibility to manage their own tax obligations.

How are taxes handled for TalentHub contractors?

As independent contractors, TalentHub professionals are responsible for understanding and complying with their local tax laws. We recommend seeking local tax advice to ensure compliance.

What are the work hours like at TalentHub?

Contractors with TalentHub have the freedom to manage their work hours in a way that suits their lifestyle, provided they meet their contractual obligations and maintain effective communication with their teams and clients.

Will I get paid for overtime work?

TalentHub and its partner companies typically discourage overtime to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Any overtime work must be pre-approved by the client and will be compensated accordingly.

How do I apply to TalentHub?

Applying to TalentHub is straightforward. Visit our website, register, browse the current opportunities, and submit your application through our online portal. You'll need to provide your resume, complete any relevant assessments, and enter your professional details.

What happens if the company I’m matched with isn’t a good fit?

TalentHub strives for the perfect match, but in the event of a mismatch, our team will work with you to find a more suitable opportunity.

How do I get in touch with TalentHub if I have more questions?

Please reach out to us via our website contact form. Our support team will respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.

Are there any costs associated with joining TalentHub?

There are no costs for professionals to join TalentHub. Our revenue model is based on service fees paid by the companies that hire through our platform.

How often do TalentHub contractors get paid?

Payment frequency is determined by the terms set forth by the hiring company. Typically, TalentHub contractors receive payment on a monthly basis, but some projects may offer different payment schedules.

Is TalentHub involved in the payment process?

TalentHub facilitates the payment process to ensure that it is smooth and reliable. We provide invoicing tools and assist with the transaction to ensure that you get paid on time.

What if I need to take time off for personal reasons?

As an independent contractor, you have the flexibility to manage your own time. We recommend communicating with your client as early as possible to discuss and arrange for any time off.